This is Me, Bunting

This Is Me, Bunting creates lengths of individualized bunting flags to immediately decorate the festival. As each community member makes their own addition to the work, over the day, the bunting becomes an expression of the entire community. 

Self portrait flags

Participants decorate coloured bunting triangles to represent their identities, like a self-portrait. The triangles are then sewn onto bias binding and hung immediately around the festival. 

Great for all ages, each person in the family can make their own portrait triangle, and are encouraged to consider their alter-ego/superhero/secret weapon. For some this will be easy, for others we preface this by asking everyone to place an element in their self-portrait that people may not know or see about them. This may be through colour, shape or hidden layers. Here they have an opportunity to celebrate their private selves without being required to explain it, although we will encourage portrait story telling.

Sewn together on-site

With a sewing machine on-site, the triangles are immediately sewn on, and the bunting is hung as the day unfolds. Imagine looking up to see an every changing, colourful canopy that fills as the day progresses.

Each metre of binding holds three triangles, meaning one hundred metres holds the self-portraits of 300 participants. The triangles are cut with pinking shears to avoid fraying, and give a decorative zig zag edge.

The bunting then becomes part of presenters festival pack, and participants are delighted when they see their self-portrait at other events, or decorating next years festival!

Photos by Simone Ruggiero