Listen to us on Radio National's Life Matters

Blood. Sex. Tears was featured at the recent Women Of the World Festival at Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Michael MacKenzie happened across us and made this wonderful segment about our work.,-sex-and-tears-inside-the-grand-caravan/8397488

Check it out!

We were very lucky to be presented by Arts and Culture Maribyrnong, massive thank you to the amazing team there. 


Whittlesea Community Festival

This weekend I will be the artist in residence at Whittlesea Community Festival creating shadow installations of both historic and contemporary sites around Thomastown and Lalor.

Giant Octopus making at NightJar Festival

This Thursday 19th January come and join in the fun making a giant octopus puppet out of cane and repurposed plastic bags. The Nightjar Festival in Torquay is a wonderful event full of awesome things to do and see. We will be there from 4 until 8 in the Bellarine Kids section. For more information check out Nightjar Festival

We Built This City and Ants in Brazil

We have arrived in Brazil and the first performance of Ants was a hit at Australia Now 2016 Festival!

I had some beautiful moments with children as they became ants and created a far reaching pathway that snaked down the cobblestone lane at SECO Pompeia. This is the first time i have performed the show in a country that speaks a language other than English and was so excited to see that the work really does cross that language barrier.

A particular moment towards the end of the show was when us three Ants crouched down in our resting position rubbing the backs of our hands together. A group of about 10 children sat with us and did the same, then offered a little conversation with the fingertips tapping each other.

So exciting! 

The Launching Board in Fawkner this Saturday

Come on down to Bonwick St for the opening of The Launching Board. Between 10 am and Midday on Saturday have a cup of tea with us and chat about the question the children have devised.

On tour in the USA with Polyglot Theatre

We are currently in Cleveland at the International Children's Festival with Paper Planet. Next Stop Pittsburg with Tangle!

PaparPlanet Cave

I made this cave entrance with a smaller tunnel for children to crawl through. Cant wait for the children to come and fill the forest with creatures and everything else they can imagine!