Artist Statement

Through iterative practice my work explores the vitality of conversations in uncovering and addressing social challenges, and seeding unexpected connections that can alter and recast our social fabric. I am driven by a desire to reach audiences who may not seek out the arts, which has led me to work directly in the public arena.

My approach is multi-disciplinary, drawing from a long history of collaboration in theatre, puppetry, design and interactive installation; I use form and materiality to embody themes and content of each creation. Playful, challenging and moving interventions invite people to reveal something about themselves and generate unique and interesting untapped data sets. Sharing of data sets from interventions is an important element of my work. This revealing what was revealed, is intentional in releasing taboos into public space and engenders a sense of intimacy with strangers. Iterative practice is key to connecting to and exploring place, allowing the works to sit alongside each other. I am excited by the space between conduit performer and participant/stranger. These works form the basis of my growing trajectory of iterative works that become location based and offer not only insight to place, but also to the human condition. I am fascinated by the need for permissions to participate, both in delivery and reception, and how circumstances affect our ability to open ourselves to each other. This exploration of circumstance stimulates my specificity of design, both aesthetic and performative.

My children’s works have a particular focus on flipping dynamics of child/adult relationships in public space and exploring elevation of the child’s status.

I have co-created The Grand Caravan, a purpose-built portable arts venue inside a 1980’s Millard Caravan, to exploring the creating intimate and immersive environments inside existing public environments.