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Post With Love

A partnership between young people, Artful Dodgers Studios and Yarra Youth Services

The group created Postcards that could be used for further actions, and in many meaningful ways. They then created an event in Edinburgh Gardens to invite the public to send a postcard where it was needed. They added badge making, Solar Sounds and delicious custom designed cookies too.

The installation was then also presented at The Village Festival, and postcards were ordered by other organisations. 

In the young peoples words:

This postal vote is, to put it lightly, an absolute hoohar. But writing and receiving letters can actually be super nice and therapeutic. If you believe that love is love, come help us create Edinburgh Gardens’ first ever open-air post office.  

ABS stats show that just under half of all Australians eligible to vote have yet to return their survey. That’s a frustrating statistic for any of us, but if you’re under 18 and don’t have the right to vote, that’s a one-two punch in the face. #ringyourrellos is an important call to action, but why don’t we reclaim the post while we’re at it?

Write a letter to your local member, to your neighbour, to the PM, to your grandma and tell them why you’re voting yes, why marriage equality matters to you, or just say hey!

On Saturday 21st October, we’ll be setting up in the park with Solar Sounds to make pride badges, write letters, listen to tunes, eat cookies, get free stuff and share other creative projects (zines etc.). If you wanna get involved as a performer or you have any questions about the event, shoot us a dm, we’d love to hear from you!

Let’s go postal, folks.