The Launching Board

Young Minds, Big Questions

The Launching Board: Young Minds, Big Questions is an interactive installation containing a giant chalkboard where passers-by are inspired to respond in coloured chalk to big questions devised by children.


The Process

To generate the questions we work with year 5/6 students at a Primary School. Below you can see Fawkner Primary School. Here they investigate the individual, the community, the world and the universe. They work in groups and alone to come up with important questions and topics for the world to consider. They trial their questions on the school with a mini-Launching Board in the school playground.

Next the giant Launching Board Installation is placed in public space, for example Fawkner, on Bonwick St. With a new question each day The Launching Board inspires thought and conversation in response to the children's questions.

The Launching Board has since taken the children of Fawkner PS's questions to Wilson St Park Opening and was at Coburg Mall as part of MoreART. We have also developed a program for one day festivals and events as seen at Bundoora Children's Day.

The Launching Board installation is designed by Ben Landau.

Photo's by Theresa Harrison Photography

This project is supported by Moreland City Council



Question 1: What does peace mean to you?

Question 2: What is the biggest problem in the world

Question 3: How can we make the world better?

Question 4: How big is the world?

Question 5: Why do we need community?

You can also respond to the questions. You can answer below. Please include which question you are answering.