Community Arts And Cultural Development

Photo Credit: Dan Goronszy

Work in collaboration with numerous communities to empower members to create meaningful arts experiences. These could be puppetry, theatre, installation, lanterns and events. Highlights included Maningrida College, Liminal Lines: working in young people in incarceration, Whittlesea Into The Light, Japans Tsunami Region, Taiwan Dream Community.

Photo left: Maningrida, Arnhem Land, Spirit Sister








Projection Alley - Whittlesea Commission

Projection Alley, 2017, Whittlesea, Photo Credit: Dan Goronszy

Artist In Residence, Commissioned by City Of Whittlesea to create 4 Shadow installations of local highlights of Thomastown and Labor.

The works were then shown as part of Whittlesea Community Festival 2017.






The Great Forest Walk - Knox Festival

The Great Forest Walk is a wonderful place of discovery and observation at Knox Festival 2015. Step out of the bustle of the festival into a beautiful gentle playspace where there are no rules. You are the navigators of you own fun. 

Artistic Director: Dan Goronszy
Designer: Rainbow Sweeney

Performers: Betty France and David Pidd
Microscope Workshop : Scale Free Network
Installation assistants: Asha Bee Abraham and Nick Barlow
Stage Management: Rainbow Sweeney
This project received support from Knox City Council
Video by Tom Chapman


Pigeonhole - A Visual Theatre Installation

Photo by Fiona Blandford

Photo by Fiona Blandford

Created by The CollaborAgents

Image you took a slice out of a top floor apartment, shrunk it, and placed it on the street. Pigeonhole - A visual theatre installation explores modern urban relationships in an ever increasingly urbanised world where space is at a premium.  





Bobbing For Apples

Photo by Sarah Walker Photography

Photo by Sarah Walker Photography

Written, Directed, Designed by Dan Goronszy

An urban Fairytale Exploring sexuality, mob behaviour and belonging.

This site specific, promenade, participatory performance moved through the laneways of Brunswick using puppetry, bouffon, live sound and song. Presented in Midsummer Festival 2009