Blood. Sex. Tears

The most revealing moment you will have...

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Blood. Sex. Tears., 2014, ongoing. Photo credit: Kiss This Fist Photography. 

Blood. Sex. Tears

An Interactive and immersive sound installation in two parts in collaboration with Sharyn Brand

Part 1: The Voicing. Do you have half a minute? Could you talk about blood? Do you have a story about sex? What do you know of tears? Within an intimate space for one give yourself permission, receive instructions and then privately record your voice

Part 2: The Listening. Listen in on the words of the people around you. Feel the soundscape of words and offered voices wash over you, surrounding you, covering you. Immerse yourself in the collection of stories, secrets, joys, and pains. Meander on the intertwining streams of dialogue as three simple words interconnect and collide around you.

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Presented anywhere from Women Of the World at Footscray Community Arts Centre, to The Falls NYE Music Festival, it offers a unique insight into people in time and place.

What audiences are saying:

" Gets down to the real nitty gritty"

" Almost nostalgic"

" Slightly confronting, The fullness of life"

" Curious, alluring, seductive"

 " That was Cathartic"