Bedsheet Ghost Party


You are invited!

Bedsheet Ghost Party, is a thrilling live art experience for children and families, that activates public places and old architectures by allowing real live humans a chance to experience the other side, and become ghosts. Well…..bedsheet ghosts. 

This beautiful, ephemeral work, gives children visibility by making them invisible. They enthusiastically take over usually adult dominated space and are excited, active collaborators who shine under the ghost cloak, experimenting with their independence and individuality. Normally shy children show confidence and leadership through this simple activity, surprising their real live adults..

From afar,  the vision of the ghosts ignite the landscape. The playful nature of the work allows both participant and viewer to make their own connections to unending timelines of histories past, creating subtle resonances.

Werribee Mansion grounds was perfect, during Lost Lands Festival 2018, as seen below.

Families of ghosts haunt the crowds, delighting onlookers, and taking over usually adult spaces. 

What Happens?

Two theatrical characters measure the participants for their ghost cloak, before they are signed out. The humans are guided through simple rules of the game before a rousing ritual of dying, and then rising as ghosts. Bedsheet ghosts descend on your festival or event in a Fright (collective noun for ghost), playing amongst the living.  Any ghost can be the leader of the Fright, and children love leading the haunt and sneaking up on people.

Parents/Carers may join the in the fun by also partaking in the thrill of becoming a bedsheet ghost. Alternatively, they are welcome to observe as real live humans. 

 Each person must sign out their Ghost Cloak before the ritual begins, and then cross it out with blood when they rise again as real live humans.

Originally developed at Abbotsford Convent through their Open Spaces program.

All photos taken at The Lost Lands By Theresa Harrison Photography